Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yo Ho Let's Go - Captain Lyla's 2nd Birthday!

Sunday November 24th we hit a new milestone, one, two year ago, we never expected to see...

Lyla's 2nd Birthday! 

Her first birthday we celebrate in Wonderland, with an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday; this year we celebrated in Neverland with a Jake and The Neverland Pirates themed party - one of her favourite cartoons.

I am a huge fan of arts and crafts (ha ha goober) so this is my one time to shine and go OTT.  I think that's very important, Lyla's life (and anyone's for that matter) is very precious and I want to celebrate every milestone, no matter how insignificant they may seem to some and every birthday, because we really don't know how many we'll have... We're hoping for a lot!  So why not splash out and have a huge party to celebrate Lyla? 

We had our closest friends and family and Lyla's friends over (though some had to pull out last minute due to sickness and this bloody stomach bug going around at the moment), but it was a great day, and Lyla was spoilt rotten!

Here are some pictures from the day...


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